Give Your Child the Gift of Great Manners!

with our

Etiquette Training

Classes Held Every Tuesday 6:30-7:30 (January)

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Great Manners are the Key to Your Child's Future Success!

Children learn basic manners and communication skills with a strong focus on respect and value for others, integrity and putting people at ease.  


Topics Include:


Why Do We Have Rules of Etiquette

Please, Thank You and You're Welcome

Making Mistakes




The Big Word "NO"


Gift Giving and Receiving

Table Manners

Good Hygiene

Dealing with Teasing and Bullies

.....and the list goes on!



  • Ages 5-12 Proper manners training
  • Fun, warm, kind instruction Topic Driven Games & Activities
  • Parents and Teachers are welcome to participate! Can customize specific topics!
  • Quick pace to keep children engaged Lots of laughter!



  • $30 Individual (1) Session 
  • $60 Month (4 Sessions)
  • Call for family discount